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AKASHIC SPHERES is a Sci-Fi Adventure film project which is funded totally by fans. Come join us in this 10 chapter production we are filming throughout 2021.

Our production

how its made?

We follow the "Dynamic Production Methodology". In a nutshell, we custom tailor each chapter to meet the availibility of our resources.

See the Production Schedule.

Motion graphics

We do all of our motion graphics in house. Most 3D modeling is done with Blender, but we also use After Effects, C4D, and various other tools which are specialized to do really cool stuff.


Each Chapter is written about 6 - 8 weeks in advance. We do have an overall master direction for the film, but the subtext is something we customize based on resources available. It just works.

Video distribution

Currently we are self distributing, but have development underway to build a Roku Channel. Rest assured, if we make Akashic Spheres available on other streaming platforms, you will still be able to get access here on this site.
Is a series in the works? The "Magic 8 Ball" says YES...after the film is completed.

Perks and Access

We plan on having a variety of perks and different levels of access for you to enjoy our film. Some will be structured and others freeform. Theres going to something for everyone. Afterall, we want everyone to love our film. We also invite you to tell us what you want. We're not stuffy. If we can make it happen...we will.


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